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Development of Succession Talent [Part 2 of 3]

Duration: 60 minutes
Delivery Format: Recorded Webinar

Development of Succession Talent  [ Part 2 of 3 ]

Do you have a robust succession in place for the top positions in your legal department?  If you’re like most, the answer is “no” or you probably have not spent the right amount of time planning for succession.  With the “Baby Boomers” starting to retire and with the Millennial generation looking for ways to move up the ladder, you need to start taking steps now to get ready for changes when they occur.

Join us for a continuing comprehensive overview of legal department succession planning. 

This second webinar will cover:

  1. creating a talent/skills chart for each attorney
  2. periodic formal evaluations of each attorney
  3. creation of a “development plan” for each attorney
  4. developing sources of talent outside of the legal department.


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